A Guide To Watching The Super Bowl If You Don’t Have A Clue About Football








We can always count on February to give us a boost what with all the annual holidays and events that occur. Valentine’s Day and Groundhog’s Day aren’t the only things to look forward to because this weekend is the 52nd Super Bowl. Each year, it’s become a ritual to lay out a platter of wings and anything fried on the table, stay parked on the couch for a few hours and incessantly yell at our screens as we root for our favorite team. If sports aren’t your cup of tea, or at least not football, read this guide for some basic knowledge before your viewing party. The halftime performance isn’t the only thing to look out for.

Super Bowl Guide

1. Eagles vs. the Patriots


This year, the Philadelphia Eagles will be facing, to no one’s surprise, the New England Patriots. Love them or hate them, the Pats have made it to the Super Bowl 10 times and have won five times. After last year’s comeback against the Atlanta Falcons, they’ve proven that there’s no guaranteed winner until the game is over. The two teams aren’t typically rivals, and the Patriots will have the advantage as this will be the Eagles’ third Super Bowl appearance and their first since 2005.

2. The game will be held at the U.S. Bank Stadium


The venue changes from year to year and this year’s game will be held at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

3. If the Patriots win, QB Tom Brady will be the first to earn six Super Bowl rings


Despite Gisele’s wishes for him to retire, Brady is still chasing after one record no one has, and that’s six Super Bowl rings. He’s the only player in history to have led one team to five Super Bowl victories, but he’s tied with Charles Haley, who won five rings total for two NFL teams.

4. Know the terms field goal, end zone, touchdown, and turnover


With a touchdown, a team scores six points whenever they cross the opposing team’s goal line with the football and avoid being tackled. After a touchdown, if the ball is kicked through the goalposts, another point is scored. A field goal gets a team the second highest amount of points, and these are attempted when a player is close enough to kick the ball through the opponent’s goalposts. The end zone is where touchdowns are made if the offense can make it either by catching the ball or possessing it. A turnover is when a player either drops the ball or is intercepted and loses it the opposing team.

5. P!nk will be singing the National Anthem while JT while will perform at halftime


After her no-frills Grammys performance, P!nk is coming to the field to sing our Anthem. Meanwhile, if halftime is what you’re waiting for, JT will be infamously returning for his second halftime performance. Timberlake sang alongside Janet Jackson in 2004 when “Nipplegate” occurred. Part of Jackson’s outfit came undone to the credit of JT, and it’s still unknown if it was intentional or not. Luckily, Timberlake will be performing solo so any wardrobe malfunction would be his own. He’s also expected to pay a tribute to the late Prince.

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