The Super Bowl 50 Drinking Game For People Who Care More About Beer Than Football


Let’s start calling Super Bowl Sunday what it really is – Excuse To Be Hungover On Monday Sunday. And for me, it’s finally the end of football season!

Though I can’t really stand a bunch of grown men giving each other concussions, I can definitely get behind a Sunday dedicated to eating, Beyonce, and of course, drinking. Since sports and beer go hand in hand, here’s the perfect way to drink along to Super Bowl 50.

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Take A Sip When:

– A player who’s been arrested at some point appears on screen

– Cam Newton celebrates a play

– Someone says “leader” when talking about Peyton Manning

– There’s a scenic shot of San Fransisco

– Someone at the party tells you to be quiet so they can watch the commercials

When Two Sips When:

– You have to question if a player just got a concussion

– Someone at the party says they don’t really like football

– You have to explain the rules to someone

– A Super Bowl meme pops up on your Twitter feed

– You have to go to the bathroom but someone’s already in there

When A Shot If:

– A player has to be taken off the field on a stretcher

– Peyton Manning cries

– A surprise guest shows up during the Coldplay and Beyonce halftime show (two shots if it’s Rihanna, like we predicted)

– A player misses a field goal

– You find yourself thinking of reasons to call out sick tomorrow

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