Surprising Super Bowl Facts You Don’t Know About

There’s a lot we do know about the Super Bowl. We know who we’re rooting for, whether we prefer watching at home or at a sports bar, and we all have our own predictions about who the victor will be. But what about what goes on behind-the-scenes? Money is always a big talk of discussion as it’s one of the most televised events of the year and many factors play into its success. Here’s everything you didn’t know about the Super Bowl, from salaries to price tags.

1. Winning players of the Super Bowl earn twice as much as the defeated team’s players.

According to Forbes, players who win the game will earn $112k each while last year’s amount was $107k. Defeated players will earn $56k. On top of these amounts, both the Patriots’ and Eagles’ players scored $79k after their playoff victories last month. These amounts are only additions to base salaries, bonuses, and endorsements, so all in all, not too shabby.

2. 30-second commercials cost up to $5 million

Since millions of people are watching the game, and for once are actually paying attention to the advertisements, it’s no surprise that the price tag is high. Commercials aired during the Super Bowl generally aren’t more than 30 seconds long and Sporting News has stated that they can run a little over $5 million. This is a vast contrast with the first few games in the 20th century when ads were about $70k.

Also, just because a company can afford the price doesn’t mean they’ll automatically have air time. There are a limited amount of spots, and NFL recently rejected a politicized ad titled “Please Stand.” This year, Adweek has confirmed Bud Light, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Pringles, to name a few.

3. Tickets cost a pretty penny.

If you go online hunting for concert tickets, the cheapest seats could run from $30 to $90 right? Well, for the Super Bowl, you’re shelling out a lot more. Ticket prices not only have increased with each year but are more expensive the closer the game date gets. Bloomberg stated that the current cheapest ticket is $4,150. It’s not just Americans that are competing for a ticket, an increasing amount of football fans from overseas also fly over to watch.

4. The Patriots’ net worth is slightly higher than that of the Eagles

In Forbes’ Top 50 Most Valuable Sports Team list, the Philly Eagles rank at #14 with $1.16 billion while the Patriots are #6 with $1.4 billion.

5. Halftime artists aren’t paid for performing

Yep, while artists can make bank at a concert, the only thing they’ll be receiving for performing at halftime is the free promotion and publicity. Time reported that NFL only pays for production costs. Despite not getting paid, artists still rake in the benefit. Lady Gaga performed at last year’s show right after her album’s release while this year’s performer, Justin Timberlake, also just released his newest EP.

6. An astronomical amount of chicken wings will be consumed

Each year, the National Chicken Council posts their Chicken Wing Report and it’s no surprise that the all-American food staple is consumed by the billions on Super Bowl Sunday. As for the exact number? 1.35 billion chicken wings will be eaten, an increase from last year. While not the best first date food of choice, that rule doesn’t apply on Sunday.

7. More than one football is used during the Super Bowl

The one football you see being thrown, fumbled, and dropped? It’s constantly being rotated. The Patriots’ deflated football controversy brought about increased scrutiny and security concern. Before games, footballs are broken in and tested. During the game, footballs are rotated in and out for later use for charities and auctions. USA Today reported that during the Super Bowl 2015, both teams had 54 footballs each.

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