Your Prayers Have Been Answered Because You Can Now Swipe Right On Puppies On Tinder

While this Sunday may be all about the 52nd Super Bowl, something we’d all make time for, anytime and anywhere, is anything having to do with puppies. If you need a break from everyone going on a rampage because of the game, you’re in luck because Tinder is doing a one-time revamping, and we don’t mean the implementation of a filter that gets rid of ghosters and breadcrumbers, unfortunately. According to BravoTV, Tinder is partnering with Pledgeling, a company that links brands and customers to charities in order to support ASPCA.

ASPCA, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, is working with Tinder so you’ll be seeing many puppy profiles on the app this Sunday. If you might normally not take swiping seriously, you’re going to want to take a good look this weekend. After you swipe right, you’ll be directed to ASPCA’S site, where you can find out how to help or how to adopt.

There’ll also be a TV program in support of the event. According to Cosmopolitan, Animal Planet will be broadcasting, at 3 P.M. EST on Sunday, a Puppy Bowl competition. After the TV event, all the animals you saw will be placed into homes.

I mean, would you rather swipe on the profile that’s composed solely of selfies and a height for a bio or a cute puppy that you could adopt?

If you’ve been let down enough by human matches on dating apps, it might be time to let a furry friend into your life. Dogs would never bench or zombie you so if you need me, I’ll be furiously swiping on every pup while I watch Sunday’s game.

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