Rihanna Has Raised Over 2 Billion Dollars For Children’s Educations









Rihanna is currently using her star power to raise money for global education reform. Rihanna has teamed up with Global Citizen to help raise money for Global Partnership for Education, GPE. Her fame and charitable actions are bringing in a ton of cash, $2.3 billion to be exact.

Rihanna is no stranger to charitable acts. Last year Harvard University named her Humanitarian of the Year for her work with GPE, creating personal charities for her home country of Barbados and working to raise awareness and prevention of HIV and AIDS.

Recently she attended the GPE’s international conference in Senegal with the country’s President Macky Sall and French President Emmanuel Macron. Rihanna was in attendance to discuss GPE’s mission and their fundraising goal to raise $3.1 billion by 2020 to support education in developing countries.


In Rihanna’s speech she thanks all the donors for pledging and giving money to the GPE, “Give yourselves a round of applause because this is what we’ve wanted all along. We’ve made tremendous progress today, but of course, our work is never done.”

She also stressed that the fight for education isn’t over until every child, including girls, have access to a better education. According to GPE’s website 62 million girls between the age of 6 and 14 are not in school receiving an education.

Rihanna used Twitter to press world leaders to donate money. She is holding them accountable for the money they said they would pledge to help fund global education. It’s a power move that totally worked.

According to Glamour, all the countries and leaders Rihanna tweeted at donated the given amount and then some.

GPE’s goal is to raise $3.1 billion by 2020. That money will support 870 million children across 89 countries to receive an education and help those countries allocate 20% of their budget to education.

$3.1 billion may seem like a significant number, but with Rihanna on GPE’s side, it looks doable.

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