Bachelor Nation Rejoiced Because Krystal Was Finally Sent Home

Maybe this season of The Bachelor isn’t a total lost cause because Arie finally sent Krystal home for good this time. Despite Krystal’s claims that she was “wife material” and her and Arie Lyuendyk were “destiny”, she didn’t get a rose in Paris.

The fitness trainer was the villain for the season and fans truly don’t think it was an act for more screen time. Last week Krystal has a breakdown during the group date and the rose ceremony. She freaked out when Arie invited the losing bowling team to the after party group date. At the rose ceremony, before Arie could even hand out a rose, Krystal asked him if they could talk in private.

Clearly, she needs lots of attention and if doesn’t receive it she’ll create drama so she’ll get it. This week’s episode, before Krystal goes home, she has to go on a group date with Arie and Kendall. Krystal tried to sabotage Kendall’s relationship with Arie and it backfired. Terribly.

Kendall even confronted Krystal about her shady ways and gained so much respect.

Krystal was left without a rose and Bachelor Nation rejoiced because finally the wicked which of The Bachelor is gone.

Even Jimmy Kimmel was happy she was gone and dubbed Krystal as having “The Most Annoying Voice in Bachelor History.”

Now that Krystal is gone for good who is going to fill the villain role? When one villain leaves another will appear like magic on this show.

I don’t think this will be the last of Krystal. It would be shocking if she wasn’t cast for the next season of Bachelor In Paradise.

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