Lana Del Rey Finally Spoke Out About Her Attempted Kidnapping

On February 2 a man, Michael Hunt, 43 was arrested for stalking and attempted kidnapping famous singer and ethereal goddess Lana Del Rey.

Del Rey is currently on tour, and Hunt was planning on kidnapping her before her show in Orlando on February 2 at the Amway Center. He was found and arrested a block from the concert venue and was in possession of a knife and concert tickets. The police received a tip about the plans to kidnap Del Rey and acted accordingly.

Del Rey performed the Orlando show as normal and tweeted a sweet message about the concert, but didn’t mention the stalking and attempted kidnapping. She finally addressed the situation on stage at her last show.

While on stage she began crying while talking about the scary attempt. Her fans are cheering her one while she’s crying and trying to find words to say. “I’m actually feeling a little more emotional than I thought after what happened in Orlando,” she said.

“But I just really wanted to be here with you guys tonight. I was feeling totally fine and I just got, I don’t know, a little bit nervous right when I got on the stage.”

She then asked fans to bear with her if she’s a little feathery. “You can’t let one person stop you from doing your favorite thing,” she said and was met with more cheering and fans screaming “I love you!”

Del Rey then tweeted that she was “doing fine” and thanks for the sweet messages.

It’s a shame that even for a second Del Rey felt unsafe. She is notorious for being super personal with fans, getting off stage and performing in the crowd, stopping shows to sign stuff and meeting with fans waiting outside the venue. She didn’t let Hunt’s attempt stop her from showing her fans love.

Del Rey opening up about how scary the attempted kidnapping is is refreshing and powerful.

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