Get To Know & Fall Completely In Love With Olympic Figure Skater Adam Rippon

The 2018 Winter Olympics are about to kick off, so we thought it’s only right that we get to know star athletes like figure skater Adam Rippon as he heads to South Korea to represent the USA.

This may be Rippon’s first time representing America at the Winter Olympics but at just 28-years-old, Rippon, who has been competing professionally since 2005, has won the silver medal at the U.S. Championships.

Rippon’s signature move is a triple lutz jump that he executes with both arms placed above his head. The move has since been dub the “Rippon Lutz.” He has also been capable of performing the triple lutz jump-double toe loop-double loop jump combination with one hand over his head in all three jumps. He’s also known to be one of the few men able to do a complete lay-back spin.

Rippon is the first openly gay American athlete to qualify for any Winter Olympics. Rippon came out to the public in 2015, and he credits coming out as being apart of the reason he won at the U.S. Championships. He has been making headlines for not meeting up with Vice President Mike Pence on two occasions because of his stance on gay rights.

Since coming out to the public, we’ve got to see a sassier side to Rippon who has become known for his one-liners, sassy and fierce attitude and quick-witted quips. His confidence has also skyrocketed which shows in Rippon’s moves on the ice.

As the oldest of six, Rippon’s racked up competing in so many competitions that some of his achievements have included, winning the World Junior Championships in both 2008 and 2009 and winning the 2007-2008 Junior Grand Prix Final and the 2008 U.S. junior title. He’s represented the United States five times and has managed to take home the gold every time with the exception of 2012 when he took home the silver.

Rippon has sustained a few injuries this past year including a sprained left ankle, a fractured metatarsal bone in his left foot and knocking his shoulder out of place. In spite of the injuries, Rippon was able to fully recuperate and strut his stuff on the ice since then.

We’re pretty sure based off of Rippon’s performance and his star-worthy confidence he’ll be sure to make this year’s Olympics all the more fabulous.

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