Kylie Jenner Kept Her Pregnancy So Secretive That Some Of Her Siblings Didn’t Even Know

Kylie Jenner is the kween of lip kits and now she is also the kween of secrets. Kylie, 20, did a pretty good job at keeping her pregnancy a secret. Yes, there were rumors and “sources” confirming she had a bun in her oven, but anonymous sources aren’t always reliable.

There weren’t any photos of preggo Kylie taken during her public disappearance. One of her employees did try to invade her privacy and snap of photo her while she was at home.

To say Kylie’s pregnancy was top secret is putting it lightly. She didn’t even tell all of her siblings that she was expecting. Brody Jenner was interviewed by TMZ about Kylie’s pregnancy. They also him if he sent Kylie a baby gift yet and he revealed he hasn’t sent his half-sis anything yet, but for good reason, he didn’t even know she was pregnant.

“To be honest I didn’t even know she was pregnant for the entire pregnancy,” he told TMZ. “Now I found out and I would love to see her.”

Brody also told TMZ that he hasn’t hung out with his half-sis in a “couple of years” and hasn’t “seen her that much.” He still insists that he still has a relationship with Kylie despite not talking to her for a few years. He blamed that Kylie is super busy and “it is what it is.”

On February 4, 2018, Kylie posted on her Instagram announcing her pregnancy and newborn baby Stormi Webster. Along with the announcement she posted an 11-minute video that documented her pregnancy.

Based on the video it seems like only Kylie’s close friends, the Kardashian half-siblings, Kendall Jenner, Kris Jenner and Travis Scott’s family knew about her pregnancy. Her and Khloe Kardashian were pregnant at the same time and even did a photoshoot together.

Her dad, Caitlin Jenner was noticeably absent from the video, so Brody shouldn’t take being left in the dark too personal.

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