This ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Doctor Thinks She Could’ve Saved Jack On ‘This Is Us’

Jack Pearson was always going to die on This is Us, ever since the first season revealed his tragic fate — but recent episodes have worked fans up into a frenzy all over again.

*Warning: spoilers ahead.

All in the last month, This is Us unveiled Jack’s cause of death (smoke inhalation the tiny dog a faulty Crock Pot) and the events that led up to it, and while some viewers are finally finding peace in answered questions, others cannot help but protest over how he passed away.

Sarah Drew is in the latter category. The actress, who plays Dr. April Kepner on Grey’s Anatomy, took to Twitter this week to voice her belief that her character could have saved Jack.

“It’s too bad Kepner wasn’t Jack’s physician,” one user tweeted, “bc she definitely wouldn’t have missed his smoke inhalation.”

“I was just thinking that when I watched that episode!!” Drew replied. “Brought me back to when April first got fired.”

While a cross-over This is Us/Grey’s Anatomy (This is… Anatomy?) episode would be welcome to many viewers, Drew’s tweet comes too little, too late to save Jack. All we can hope for in the future is that Dr. Kepner befriend Rebecca or become one of the Pearson children’s children (which is totally possible with flash-forwards).

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