Meet The Figure Skater Behind The First Meme From The 2018 Winter Olympics

It was only a matter of time before this year’s Winter Olympics produced an incredible meme. The camera was on the South Korean figure skating team and one of the team’s athletes took advantage of the camera time. He whipped off his Olympic Rings sunglasses to reveal a pair of aviator sunglasses underneath.

This South Korean gentleman just won the entire Olympics. #PyeongChang2018 #Olympics

— SouthernSportsNation (@SoSportsNation) February 12, 2018

The video quickly went viral because it’s hilarious, smooth and strangely fierce. The guy behind the two pair of sunglasses is South Korean figure skater Alex Kang-chan Kam. Alex, 22 was born in Queenstown New Zealand but is from Seoul, South Korea.

Alex is a pair figure skating, his partner is Kim Kyu-eun. He and Kim are competing in the pairs competition and the team event. The video of him wearing two sunglasses was taken during the team event.

His meme behavior has not gone unnoticed. People are loving his sunglasses move and declaring him the real winner of the Olympics.

When your moment comes will you be ready? This man was ready.

— Donovan Clarke (@Suckmymagnum) February 12, 2018

He's the meme of this Olympics

— 🌹Basic Fangirl 101 💎🌹 (@namnamsk8) February 12, 2018

There has to be a spare gold medal somewhere

— Jason Coskrey (@JCoskrey) February 12, 2018


— rip jonghyun star in the sky (@MarsNBeyond) February 12, 2018

lmao it's funnier the more i see it bc he looks so damn chill but it also really looked like he was waiting for this exact moment for the reveal lmao

— uncultured swine (@turtlekeef) February 12, 2018


— D(evil) (@LacieFuyu) February 12, 2018

This is his first Olympic appearance and he’s making the most of it. He was the legendary athlete who dabbed during the Opening Ceremony.

The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio had many memes. The Michael Phelps face, Tonga flag bearer (who is back and competing in the Winter Olympics) and smiling Usain Bolt. Sunglasses meme may be the first of the 2018 Winter Olympics, but it’s doubtfully the last.

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