Donald Trump Jr.’s Wife Rushed To The Hospital Over A Suspicious Letter

As if the Monday work grind isn’t enough of a downer, on Monday, Donald Trump Jr.’s wife woke up to more than she expected. Vanessa Trump was doing what most of us do, opening mail. It wasn’t until she discovered a suspicious powdery substance within the letter that things took a quick alarming turn.

Assuming the worst, NBC News reported that Trump was headed to the hospital shortly after as a “precaution.” Trump was said to open the letter with the mysterious, suspicious substance around 10 A.M.

With both the New York City Police Department and Secret Service working together,  NYPD spokesperson Peter Donald told WABC that the substance was “deemed non-hazardous” and is being taken to a lab for further analysis. The Secret Service didn’t have nearly as much to say and gave little to no details and simply told CBS News that it was “investigating a ” suspicious package addressed to one of our protectees received today.”

Trump’s mother was also taken to hospital along with her daughter, and as for her husband, Trump Jr. was said to be on a red-eye back to the city to tend to his wife.

After the huge anthrax epidemic of 2001,  where five people died after encountering anthrax in anonymous letters sent to news agencies and a congressional office building, it makes sense that Trump would take said precautions.

With her father-in-law being the President of the United States the entire Trump family has been under major scrutiny and heavily, critiqued. Thousands of people, celebrities, and other politicians have expressed their disapproval and distaste for Donald Trump and his entire family.

The letter Trump opened was sent to her husband.

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