A Guy Is Claiming His Apple AirPods Exploded While He Was Working Out

Apple products aren’t known for exploding, that’s Samsung’s thing, but a man Florida is claiming that his AirPods exploded while he was working out. He, fortunately, didn’t have them in his ears when they exploded.

Jason Colon told Tamp Florida’s WFLA that he was working out at LA Fitness when he noticed his right AirPod was smoking. He pulled out his AirPod and left it on the workout equipment to grab an employee. When he returned the right AirPod was “fried.”

Colon was listening to music when his AirPod exploded. “It’s the craziest thing I ever went through,” Colon said. “I didn’t see it happen, but I mean, it was already fried! You can see flame damage.”

Thankfully he took the wireless earbud out of his ear when he did otherwise who knows what could have happened. He could have burnt the inside of his ear, earlobe and could have possibly damaged his eardrum.

Colon showed his burnt and dismembered wireless earbud next to his perfect left earbud.

Apple is currently investigating what happened to Colon’s AirPod. This seems to be the first reported incident of an AirPod exploding. Hopefully, he bought Apple Care because AirPod’s are not cheap. AirPods retail at $159.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 were notorious for exploding and burning multiple customers. The culprit was the phone’s battery. There is no telling why Colon’s AirPod exploded, but be careful and hope it was just one faulty AirPod bud and not another Samsung incident.

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