Facebook Lost Almost 3 Million Millennial Users Last Year

Facebook is just realizing that it’s platform is not that popular among younger people. How many jokes have been written on Twitter that Facebook is just for your parents and their friends now?  Countless! Now those jokes are reflecting in Facebook’s numbers.

Recode reports that Facebook’s younger user rates are dropping at a significant rate. About 1.4 million 12 to 17-year-olds stopped using the platform last year. The site was only expecting to lose a third of that number of users. This is also the first time Facebook even predicted a decline in users.

Instagram so trash they be showing posts from a week ago, got me liking old shit looking like a weirdo, Snapchat updated by itself now I don’t even know how to use this shit, and then Facebook just all around fucked up ain’t no hope for it

— RealNiggaNick🌵 (@Nickapone7) February 11, 2018

Overall about 2.8 million U.S. users under the age of 25 stopped using Facebook.

EMarketer, who ran Facebook’s user numbers for 2017, predicts that it’s not going to get much better for the social media giant in 2018. The first platform to ever reach one billion users in on a decline with the younger generation.

Snapchat update is garbage, instagram tries to be other socials, facebook is mainly used by the seniors, but TWITTER man TWITTER has stayed a homie for life, can anybody remember a time where twitter was bad? I know i cant.

— We$t (@CjayyTaughtHer) February 10, 2018

Facebook’s uncool status has been made fun of on Twitter for years. It keeps trying to keep up, adding stories like Snapchat and making original content like YouTube.

Dear Snapchat- yo done did fucked up with the new update

Instagram- chronological order you dumb fucks

Facebook- I’m under 25 so idek what you’re for

YouTube- why can’t I play music without exiting the app

Twitter- never changed. Always been my social media rock

— Danny Schmidt (@DannyMcSchmidt) February 9, 2018

Even though Facebook’s decline is happening it won’t be the death of the platform. Facebook has over two billion users, and yes your mom’s daily posting, tagging and liking are enough to keep the platform afloat.

It also helps that Facebook owns Instagram, millennials favorite app next to Snapchat. Instagram’s users are only increasing.

The kids may think Facebook is lame, but it’s doubtful that it’s going anywhere.

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