This Facebook Page Dedicated To Instagram Boyfriends Is Hilarious

Being an Instagram boyfriend is sometimes more important than being just a regular boyfriend.

To be an Instagram boyfriend you don’t even have to be dating. It’s just the boy in your life that knows your angles the best and will not get annoyed when you ask him to take ‘can you take a few more pics, I swear just a few more!’

It’s a lot of work being a good Instagram boyfriend. We wrote an entire guide on you can step up your Instagram boyfriend game.

But they don’t get enough credit. Being a good Instagram boyfriend isn’t easy. So there’s an ENTIRE Facebook page dedicated to the best Instagram boyfriends. It showcases behind the scene snapshots of the lengths these boys will go to get that perfect Instagramable shot.

It’s so funny to see what goes in to getting a good Instagram. Especially when he’s snapping a Boomerang and not a photo.

These guys are truly doing the most for their girls! It’s inspiring and also hilarious. They will do anything for that money shot. Even lay on the ground in public.

Meanwhile this takes third wheeling to whole new level. This girl is so lucky to have two Instagram boyfriends. Some of don’t even have one!

A good Instagram is worth thousands of likes, but a good Instagram boyfriend is worth a thousand good photos to choose from. Thank you to all the Instagram boyfriends for making sure our Instagram goes off! We wouldn’t be here with all these liked without you.

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