Your Fave Bath Bomb Retailer Lush Just Launched A Trans Rights Campaign

We all have our own reasons for loving Lush. Either their bath bomb and moisturizer is what saves us after a long week, their beauty line that is made up of our holy grail products or we love what they stand for. Part of our jobs as consumers is not just choosing what brand we like for certain products but also making sure that the companies we buy from maintain ethical standards.

Lush checks all the boxes as not only are their products aesthetically pleasing and effective, but they’re also made up of vegan and vegetarian ingredients and stored in recyclable containers. As a whole, Lush has been a public advocate for more than a few causes over the years. They don’t support animal testing and have advocated for grassroots organizations, Syrian refugees and LGBTQ groups.

Most recently, Lush launched its “Trans Rights Are Human Rights” initiative. As part of the campaign, they’re partnering with the National Center for Transgender Equality and the Canadian Center for Gender & Sexual Diversity to shed light on harsh everyday realities that transgender people face. Not only that but the initiative also aims to raise awareness of what cisgender individuals can be doing better as allies.

To kick off the campaign, a new bath bomb was released titled Inner Truth. The product’s description says, “100 percent of the purchase price of Inner Truth will be donated to the National Center for Transgender Equality, the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity and other organizations working to advance and secure transgender rights. After all, shouldn’t everyone be free to live their inner truth?” Take a break from the Butterball or Sex Bomb and try out the Inner Truth if you want to learn more about the campaign, or want to try out its cocoa butter and orange oil ingredients.

If you stop by a Lush brick-and-mortar store, you’ll also see a change in their windows. Their signature bright displays will be taken down and instead, you’ll be seeing quotes from employees voicing their thoughts.

Lush also just launched its Trans Rights Are Human Rights support page, where you can find a glossary of respectful and correct terminology, articles and education and employment resources.

In one article, Lush wrote, “With millions of adults throughout the world identifying as transgender or non-binary, there’s a good chance that you’ve met a transgender person and don’t even know it…They’re no less deserving of rights and freedoms than any other person, however, transgender people face disproportionately higher rates of human rights discrimination than any other community.”

Check out Lush’s newest video of their employees discussing their diverse identities below.

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