Lush’s New Monthly Subscription Service Means You’ll Never Have To Leave Your House Again

We are truly living in a #blessed time. When people complain about technology and how detrimental it is to our well being my first retort is, “hello online shopping and deliveries.” Seriously you never have to leave your house ever again. You can work from home (like Fifth Harmony intended us to do), get your groceries delivered and now you can get monthly subscription delivery from Lush Cosmetics.

Lush is following suit with other beauty brands by offering a monthly delivery service, so the products you use all the time will be delivered in a timely fashion. When you sign up all the products in your subscription will be delivered at the beginning of every month automatically. No more reordering or remembering to run to the store.

The nice thing about Lush’s delivery is that it is totally customizable. If you want a product delivered every other month, or a product delivered every two weeks you can easily edit your subscription.  It also lets you skip orders, so if you’re going on vacation you can skin that months delivery.

Lush’s new monthly subscription co-insides their eco friendly morals. The monthly subscription will cut down on rush packages with will help the environment.

To sign up for monthly subscriptions there is a button right above the “Add To Basket” button on Lush’s website. The monthly subscription used to be a secret that only hardcore Lush fans knew of, but it became so popular Lush made the subscription button visible on their website.

For some reason, delivered bath bombs sound more blissful than regular bath bombs.

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