The Olympians Are Swiping Right & Finding Their Match On Tinder

The hookup culture at the Olympics was a well-kept secret until recently. More and more athletes have been outspoken about the down and dirty that goes on in the Olympic Village after the competition.

This year’s Winter Olympics handed out the most condoms ever. A whopping 110,000 condoms have been passed out and by the looks of the Tinder usage going on in the village, they’ll all be needed.

Olympians are using Tinder to make hookups easier. There was an Instagram that screenshot and posted the athletes Tinder profiles, but it has been disabled.

It makes sense that the Olympians are turning to Tinder. The dating app provided free Tinder Gold to all of the Olympians during the games.

Based on Tinder’s reports the athletes are using the app. Mashable reports that there has been a 348% increase of Tinder usage in the Olympic Village. There’s also a 565% increase in right swipes and a 644% increase in matches.

If those numbers aren’t staggering enough Tinder users are “passporting” and setting their location to Pyeongchang. Passporting lets users set their location to swipe in. So you could be in New York City, but swiping in the Olympic Village. This is a Tinder Gold feature, of course.

There has been a 1,850% increase in Tinder user’s setting their location to Pyeongchang hoping to match with some Olympic gold. Most of those users are from the U.S., second most are from the U.K. and third are from Sweden.

The Olympic games have already begun, but the dating games have just started.

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