Jennifer Aniston Boyfriends 2018: Who Is Jennifer Dating Now?

If we learned anything from Friends, it’s that relationships are complicated especially if you are or aren’t on a break with your significant other. Off-screen, it doesn’t get any easier. But unlike in films and shows, a happy ending doesn’t always have to consist of two individuals getting back together, or finding someone new, in order to be happy. Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux recently announced their separation and despite the heartbroken fandom, we have a feeling they’ll be okay.

Everyone remembers Brad Pitt as Jennifer’s infamous ex, but who else has she dated? Let’s look into some of her past relationships.

Daniel McDonald 1989 – 1994

Daniel and Jennifer dated for about five years before separating. After Daniel passed from brain cancer in 2007, Jennifer told the New York Times that he was her “first love” and that she was to blame for the end of the relationship. Daniel’s widow didn’t take too kindly to the statement, insinuating that Jen was exploiting their past relationship with the press.

Tate Donovan 1995 – 1998

Shortly after her breakup with Daniel, Jennifer began seeing Tate Donovan, who guest starred on Friends as Rachel’s love interest. Though they got engaged in 1997, they didn’t make it to the altar and broke it off.

Brad Pitt 1998 – 2005

Jennifer and Brad married in 2000 with their relationship being highly publicized as they were labeled as the It couple. They announced their divorce in 2005 and it was speculated that Brad had been unfaithful as he got together with costar Angelina Jolie soon after. In a typical Hollywood narrative, Jennifer was painted as the scorned woman even though the whole event was probably blown out of proportion.

In 2015, Jennifer spoke of Brad to the Hollywood Reporter, “But we wish nothing but wonderful things for each other. Nobody did anything wrong. You know what I mean? It was just like, sometimes things [happen].”

Vince Vaughn 2005 – 2006

After playing each other’s love interests in the Break-Up, Vince and Jen dated for over a year. However, they soon split, having stated that the relationship just ran its course. But like in their film, they ended on friendly terms.

John Mayer 2008 – 2009

The love lyricist and Jennifer were on and off in 2008 but unlike with her past exes, Jennifer and John aren’t too chummy.

Justin Theroux 2012 – 2018

Jennifer and Justin seemed picture perfect, they met on the set of Tropic Thunder in 2007 but didn’t officially start dating until they costarred in Wanderlust a few years later. Unlike some of Jennifer’s past relationships, she kept Justin and hers heavily protected, surprising family and friends with a lowkey wedding in 2015.

However, this week the two issued a joint statement saying that their decision to divorce had already been made at the end of 2017. If social media was any indication, the last photo Justin posted of the two together was last August.

Engaged, married, or single, Jen can still be happy without someone on her arm. Her decades of work and successful career is proof of that.

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Jennifer Aniston was seen together with Brad Pitt celebrating Jen’s 50th birthday party; so people are definitely waiting to know are they back together again.