Mandy Moore’s Nostalgic ‘Princess Diaries’ Throwback Will Have You Missing 2001

The early 2000s were a simpler time, complete with Ugg boot-jean skirt pairings, tattoo choker necklaces, and Mandy Moore as the trendiest high school villain to ever grace our screens — and we aren’t the only ones feeling nostalgic.

Moore took to Instagram Friday with a throwback shot from the set of Princess Diaries, posing with Queen Clarisse (Julie Andrews) and Lilly Moscovitz (Heather Matarazzo), all three in full costume. Moore herself is donning a school uniform, headband, and tight corkscrew curls as mean girl Lana Thomas.

“16 year old me with the inimitable @julieandrews and @heathermatarazzo on the set of #theprincessdiaries,” she captioned the shot, “#tbt #thosecurlstho.”

The best part of the picture is that the Queen of Genovia, the quirky “Shut Up and Listen” host, and high school’s most popular cheerleader would never be caught dead together in the context of the film.

Though Lana didn’t make it to the second movie to get coned again (or to perform another rendition of “Stupid Cupid”) Moore would sign onto a third movie under one condition: a redemption arc.

“I would like to think [Lana] had fallen on some hard time because she was such a terrible person and [that] her karma had come full circle,” Moore told People’s Choice recently. “Maybe she had fallen on hard times and now she’s doing something better with her life. Like volunteering, doing some charity work — there’s a real about face from her.”

Meg Cabot has confirmed that a script for the threequel exists — but until then, Moore has a starring (and much more flattering) role on This is Us to keep her busy.


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