Sally Field Tried To Set Up Her Son With Adam Rippon On Twitter

America is delighted with Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon, who serves as a beacon of Reese Witherspoon-loving, Mike Pence-rejecting, Xanax-craving, sparkly leotard-donning hope in these divisive political times. Still, while many on Twitter are willing to lay down their lives for the athlete, Sally Field has gone one step further — and tried to set him up with her son.

On Friday night, after Rippon skated to “O” by Coldplay and consequently captured the world’s eager hearts, Field’s son Sam Greisman took to Twitter to share a hilarious screenshot of an exchange with his celebrity mom.

“Sam… he’s insanely pretty,” Field texted. “Find a way.”

“Just some really helpful advice from my mom on how to deal with my Olympic crush,” Greisman joked.

Then, in an extremely Nora-Walker-from-Brothers-and-Sisters move, Field QUOTE-TWEETED HER SON AND TAGGED ADAM RIPPON.

Greisman’s response to his mom publicly meddling in his love life is summed up in one succinct word: “Yikes.”

People can’t stop laughing at Sally Field, iconic wing-mom.

Field has expressed her fondness for Rippon in the past: earlier this week she tweeted to tell him how amazing he is. “Your Olympics won’t be about Mike Pence,” she wrote. “They will be about your excellence and your grace. And all the young boys and girls you’re inspiring.”

S/o to the world’s best future mother-in-law.

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