‘Southern Charm’s’ Naomie Olindo Shows Off Her New Nose Job 5 Months After Breakup

naomie olindo


It’s not uncommon for a girl to play with her look after a breakup. Maybe that means heading to the salon for a dramatic cut or dye job or a trip to the mall for some new additions to the closet. As for Naomie Olindo of Southern Charm, she rang up a plastic surgeon.

The reality star shared a selfie on Thursday debuting her nose job, five months after breaking up with boyfriend Craig Conover.

“Getting my nose done was something I’ve wanted since I was 8 years old. It’s still early in my recovery but I’ve never been happier,” Olindo told Bravo.

But she does have one regret: waiting so long.

My surgeon, Dr. [A Joshua] Zimm, did the most amazing job and my only regret is not having done it sooner! Plastic surgery shouldn’t be taboo … If there’s something about yourself that you don’t like and you have the opportunity to change it, why wouldn’t you? I did it for me and no one else and want to be as open as possible about it. I’m so happy with my decision and would do it 100 times over.”


Check out the pics for the before (top) and after (below).

As for the haters…

“You are part of the problem,” Olindo responded to one Instagram follower. “If someone doesn’t like something about themselves and has the opportunity to change it, do you think they shouldn’t because ‘beauty comes from within’? It’s a very personal choice and thank god I feel so secure + happy about my decision that nothing pea minds like you could ever say would ever affect how I feel now. Use your brain.”

Are you digging her new look?

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