‘Riverdale’ Star Camila Mendes Declares She’s Done With Dieting











Riverdale star Camila Mendes is teaming up with the non-profit company, Project HEAL, an organization that offers support to those suffering from eating disorders, by sharing her story and promoting a new movement that encourages her followers to dump dieting and focus on more healthier eating habits.

Mendes who has been candid before about her own struggles with food and having a positive body image mentality shared with her fans back in October that she grew up watching her older sister struggle with an eating disorder and suffered from symptoms from one as well.


In a lengthy Instagram post on Monday, the 23-year-old shared her story with her 6.3 million followers. She posted a photo of the campaign’s slogan,#DoneWithDieting along with a lengthy caption where she talks in detail about her obsession with dieting and having the ideal body image (thanks in part to the media) and how it completely consumed her life and stripped her from focusing on other hobbies and past-times she was once “obsessed with” and passionate about.

The Virginia native went on to share her moment of enlightenment when she went to visit a naturopath who posed a question to Mendes that struck a chord with her. The naturopath asked her what else could she have been doing or focusing on instead of dieting.

The visit with the naturopath wound up completely shifting Mendes mindset in regards to her anxiety about food and obsession with dieting.


Mendes ended her caption by encouraging her fans and followers to share their stories about food, dieting, and unhealthy eating habits and to join her in the declaration of being #donewithdieting.

It’s great to see Mendes use her celebrity status and platform to promote a more positive body image mentality. With eating disorders affecting teens and young adults primarily, Mendes’ campaign will hopefully encourage those who suffer from eating disorders and unhealthy relationships with food to have a more positive outlook on body image.

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