Top 5 Highlights Of The Gucci Fall/Winter 2018 Fashion Show

Fashion Week (more like month) is upon us and major fashion hubs like New York, Milan, Paris and London are gearing up for their weeks in the fashion spotlight. Our favorite fashion designers are pulling out all the stops to make sure that they serve us nothing but bomb looks for their Fall/Winter 2018 lines. New York kicked off the Fashion Week festivities and now it’s on to Milan.

Gucci, a popular favorite amongst celebrities and pretty much everyone had one of the most talked about and “unique” shows in Milan. Insiders and fashion experts immediately started chatting about the shows eclectic look and feel which made it hard to pay attention to the show-stopping designs and clothes Gucci is known for producing.

Here are the top five highlights of the Gucci Fall/Winter 2018 Fashion Show.

1. We got a peek at the SEGA-font Gucci sneaker, and we’re obsessed

Gucci took us all the way back to our childhood when they introduced the green sneakers. In true glam style, Gucci adorned the sneaker with crystals and topped it off in the classic game console lettering.

2. The venue is based on an operating room

Making things completely creepy AF, for the Milan show, Gucci transformed the space of their show into an operating theater. The walls were covered with hospital-green PVC, the chairs are that conventional plastic (and super uncomfy) style found in most waiting rooms and the models walked around operating tables.

3. There was lots of headgear

Gucci heavily accessorized their models on the runway this season with balaclavas, masks, headscarves, elaborate hats and jeweled niqab-inspired coverings.

4. The accessories got everyone talking

In addition to the headgear, Gucci upped their Creepy meter when they had models strut their stuff carrying severed heads, a snake, and even a small dragon! That’s right, a dragon.

5. New York was appropriately represented

With so much going on already, Gucci made sure to adequately represent The Concrete Jungle. Models were spotted donning the New York Yankees logo on hats and jackets.

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