These Plus-Size Models Kicked Off London Fashion Week With A Protest

Change is underway in the fashion and beauty industries, in a time where it’s heavily emphasized that there is no one true definition of beauty. Makeup brands are releasing more of a variety of skin shades, Abercrombie launched a new line of gender-inclusive clothing, and Sports Illustrated just featured its first Paralympic athlete. Not everyone is a size zero, not everyone is able-bodied and not everyone is the same shade. It’s time that retailers and magazines start to reflect the diversity that exists.

London Fashion Week began this morning and there was no better way to get it started than with a protest. Plus-size model Hayley Hasselhoff, an activist for size inclusivity, joined CoCo Brown, Megan Crabbe and others as they took to the streets. Backed by Simply Be, a plus-size fashion brand, the group of eight models sported denim jackets, lingerie, and heels as they held signs that said “Fashion Rules. Rewritten,” and “LFW-Where are the curves?” Their jackets say, “Want it? Wear it,” and “Take a risk on fashion, not fit.”

The models hoped to call attention to using models of a variety of sizes on the runway. According to the Evening Standard, Simply Be found that in a study, 89% of women felt that their size and shape could not be found in ads or anywhere else in the industry.

Angela Spindler, an executive of a company that owns Simply Be, said, “We want the fashion industry to change the way it represents body shapes. This isn’t about ‘skinny shaming’ we, think that shape should be celebrated irrespective of size and it’s time that the industry became more diverse – after all fashion is for everyone.”

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