Instead Of Making Avocado Toast, Millennials Are Now Using Avocados To Propose

Avocados have a multitude of uses. They’re so aesthetically pleasing as food that restaurants have been entirely dedicated to their making, they’re worth the extra dollar at Chipotle, they can be made into a face mask and they give us our daily dosage of healthy fats. Now, they’re the newest way to propose to your significant other.

Yes, the millennial’s favorite fruit is the trendiest container to enclose the engagement ring. While proposing with food has always been in the media, like when Fletcher hid the engagement ring in Emma’s fortune cookie in Bride Wars, using avocados as the new ring box is next-level.

The proposer has been slicing the avocado in half, taking out the pit, and sticking the ring in the middle.

According to the Independent, the British supermarket Asda has even been putting “Perfect for Proposal” stickers on specifically chosen avocados, based on their color and cut, amongst other factors. There’s nothing quite like an avocado and a diamond ring competing to be the most aesthetic.

Photographer Kim Tyler captured a couple’s avocado proposal on the beach, complete with a spoon.

Nothing is more millennial than finding a ring from your SO in a perfectly ripe avocado, being newly engaged and eating the avo as a snack right after. You know what they say, if the avocado fits.

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