Kylie Jenner’s One Tweet About The New Snapchat Update Made Them Lose $1.3 Billion

Snapchat recently did a major overhaul to the app and the overall users have hated the new update. Even their most followed user, Kylie Jenner hates the new update.

Jenner tweeted out that she doesn’t open up Snapchat anymore because of the update. She tried to save face by declaring that she still loves the app and it’s her first love.

But the damage was done. Snap’s most followed and one of their most frequent users hates the update and it had a serious ripple effect. According to Bloomberg Technology, Jenner’s tweet took out $1.3 billion from Snaps market value.

Her tweet made Snapchats shares drop a whopping 7.2% quickly after her tweet. Analysts have noticed a decrease in engagement and usage since the update. Jenner’s dislike for the new update writing was on the wall.

When the update first rolled out Kylie tweeted asking her fans what they thought about the new update.

Someone responded saying they hate it and Kylie quote tweeted it and agreed with the upset user.

Despite Kylie claiming that Snapchat is her first love, she is posting to Snap’s rival, Instagram stories more. She recently posted video debuting her new Kylie Cosmetics set, based off of her daughter Stormi, on Instagram before Snapchat. For so long it used to be the other way around.

Looks like times are changing for Snapchat and it’s not looking good. We can only hope that the power of Kylie will convince Snapchat to roll out a better update ASAP.

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