This Study Proves That Your Workout Playlist Does Affect Your Sweat Session

Do you ever find yourself at the end of a lousy sweat session wondering what went wrong? How can some workouts be so great and satisfying and then others just suck? Well, your workout playlist could be the culprit.

The music you listen to totally affects your mental state when you workout. You wouldn’t be jamming to some slow Ed Sheeran while running. According to a study done in 2010, the tempo of the music you listen to while working out can help your cardio performance. The higher the pace, the better.

Amy Schumer working out

The reason why fast tempo music results in a better performance are because humans sync their walking, running, cycling to the tempo. A different study found that listening to faster tempo music results in quicker movements.

Not only does listening to fast-paced music help keep your body moving at a higher rate, but a study that The New York Times reported about,  also found that people enjoyed intense exercising more when they worked out to music they enjoyed.

mindy kaling working out

If you’re in a fitness rut there are plenty of music tempo running apps out there. One of the better ones is Spring. You can set your tempo and music preference, and the app will curate a playlist to your liking with songs from only that tempo. It’s pretty brilliant.

Or if you’re just looking to update your own workout playlist, we have a few suggestions.

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