Kylie Jenner’s Daughter Stormi Is Only 1 Month Old And She Already Has Her Own Makeup Collection

Kylie Jenner can make a lot happen at the bend of a finger. I mean, she publicly denounced her distaste for Snapchat‘s new update publicĀ and cost them $1 billion. She’s also caused herself to be at the top of headlines the past few months while we all speculated over her pregnancy. With or without trying, the 20-year-old makeup mogul dictates a lot. We just listen. And now, she’s created something new that we’re going to want to douse all over our faces.

Just several weeks after the birth of Stormi Webster, Kylie has dedicated a makeup collection to her daughter, and it looks like one hell of a storm. Titled the Weather Collection, the products consist of lipstick, lip gloss, matte and glittery eyeshadows, and highlighter. Some of the products have cloud detailing painted on, another is labeled “Eye of the Storm,” while others have the ‘I’ in Kylie drawn as a lightning bolt.

If anything, Kylie was probably already planning this before Stormi was even born. In time, Stormi could even be modeling the collection herself.

It seems like Kylie is juxtaposing winter and spring weather conditions as there’s a mix of black and yellow shades and all the hues that are in between.

If you’ve already whipped out your credit cards, take a breath. The collection doesn’t launch until February 28th at 3PM PST so for now, you’ll have to stay content with your lip kits.

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