Michael B. Jordan Epically Clapbacks At A Fan Who Called Him Out For Living With His Parents









After last week’s release of Black Panther, the Marvel film has made millions, surpassing boxing office expectation and quickly making history as one of the highest grossing movies so far this year.

The film’s cast has been on a whirlwind press tour to promote the highly praised film and have been busy traveling the world.


You would think that Michael B.Jordan who co-stars in the blockbuster superhero movie would not have time to really post or let alone respond to fans while on his jammed packed press tour.

Well, one fan got the shock of his life when he called out the 31-year-old for his height, living arrangements, and hobbies.


Fans immediately came to Jordan’s defense and bashed the fan who appeared to be hating on Jordan more than anything.



The tweet got so much traction and attention on social media that Jordan responded later casually correcting the guy for apparently being completely misinformed and setting the record straight once and for all.

Several females also called out the tweet for stereotyping women on how they think, what they want in a man and for pretty much saying that we don’t like anime.

This isn’t the first time Jordan’s getting some attention from Twitter fans since the release of Black Panther. Earlier in the week, several news outlets were speculating that he and co-star Lupita Nyong’o were getting closer than usual after Jordan and Nyong’o subbed each other through some super flirty tweets.


Fans and followers were left scratching their heads at first and wondering if the two co-stars had been hacked or were just joking with one another.


More speculation was later raised of the two’s relationship status when they were seen once again flirting with one another in the midst of their press tour for the movie.


The two’s flirting has since subsided, but fans everywhere are keeping a lookout for any more flirting between the two.

What is your take on Jordan’s clapback? Did he do a good job shutting down the hater?



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