Willow & Jaden Smith Give “Icon” Spoof Their Stamp Of Approval

Will Smith has only been on Instagram for a couple of months, and he’s already managed to outshine his kids. Since joining the Gram back in December of 2017, Smith has quickly garnered 10 million loyal followers with the numbers rapidly increasing with each passing day.


Aside from him being an uber-rich, well-known A-List celebrity, Smith’s mass following may have to do with the content he posts on his Instagram page.

To commemorate reaching such a milestone Smith did what anyone would do-posted a spoof video of his son, Jaden Smith’s song “Icon” on his Youtube page.


The video pays tribute to Jaden by congratulating the 19-year-old on reaching 55 million views on Youtube for the video which made its debut in November of 2017. The spoof features Smith donning the same neon green hair and outfit that his son wore in his video and of course quickly got the attention of his fans everywhere.


Both Willow and Jaden who have in the past expressed their discomfort about growing up in the public eye and having parents so famous, had nothing but good things to say about Will’s tribute.

Both Willow and & Jaden told TMZ that they fully approve of their dad’s spoof. Jaden told camera’s that Smith totally “did him justice” while Willow praised her dad for doing things exactly as her brother did and for looking just like him in the video. They also gave Smith a big thumbs up for joining Instagram.


When you’re welcomed to social media by mega-celebrities like Justin Timberlake, it’s no surprise that Smith’s popularity to the Gram happened so quickly, but as it turns out, fans continue to tune into Smith because he’s well,… Will Smith.


When he’s not taking us on his adventures down under in Australia, he’s posting videos of him scaring the crap out of his team, sneakily posting videos of his occasional camera shy wife Jada Pinkett Smith or posting some pretty awesome #TBTs.


If you go through major FOMO when you see all the cool stuff your friends get into on the weekends, you may not want to look at Smith’s profile too often because not only does he post photos with his equally famous friends, he does some pretty cool shit too(like taking fans on an epic boat ride while he’s in Australia).



Of course, Will Smith will always be Will Smith, and the very proud Philly native also shared his excitement with his fans when the Philadelphia Eagles won this year’s Superbowl.


With only 77 posts as of late, we can’t wait to see what Will has in store for us for the rest of the year. Are you following Will Smith on Instagram? What did you think of his spoof video?

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