Colleges Are Promising That Participating In Gun Control Protests Won’t Affect Admissions

As an adult, it’s easy enough to urge high school kids to participate in #NeverAgain from afar — but to teens, that could mean violating school policy, getting suspended, or even jeopardizing their chances to get into their choice university. Fortunately, a number of colleges are speaking out, promising that participating in such protests will not sway admissions in any way.

After the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, teens have been working tirelessly to incite change with a voice and a fervor that we haven’t seen before — that may well change the world. The Parkland students have already organized a nationwide march, March for Our Lives, are pulling together a benefit concert, and held a CNN town hall demanding stricter gun control laws.

Some high schools are pushing back against national protests like March for Our Lives and National School Walkout with internal policies. The Needville Independent School District in Texas issued a warning that anyone who took part of a walkout or political protest would be “suspended for three days,” CNN reported.

Fortunately, colleges and universities are doing their best to support prospective students, pledging that suspensions resulting from political protests will not affect their admissions decisions.

“We are proud to support all students for participating in peaceful walkouts for gun control or other causes, ” Yale University tweeted, “and we will not rescind admissions decisions for students who do so regardless of any school’s disciplinary policy.” Boston University, Dartmouth, Northeastern, UCLA, and more have spoken out promising the same.

It’s amazing that these schools are fostering outspoken, politically minded students, and that they aren’t punishing high schoolers for being active members of their communities. Find out if your prospective college has made a similar promise here.

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