Who Will Be The Next ‘Bachelorette’? Weighing The Fan Favorites From Arie’s Season

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There’s still plenty of drama to happening in the final episodes of Arie’s season of The BachelorWho will Arie give his final rose to? Whose ex comes back to fight for their girl back? And how badly will Krystal get ripped apart on the Women Tell All?

Still, we can’t help but look forward to the next season of The BacheloretteAfter all, Arie is a snooze fest, but the cast members were anything but. We had a Yale grad and the most mature 22-year-old woman in the history of reality TV, just to name a few.

Not counting the women who are still on the show — Kendall, Becca K., and Lauren — let’s take a look at some of the current front runners  for next season’s leading lady.

Bekah M.


Bekah’s massive age difference with Arie — she was 22, he was 36 during filming — was a point of contention of the show, but the Cali girl showed plenty of maturity. On top of that, she broke the mold when it came to the typical cast member — and not just with her adorable pixie cut. She wasn’t afraid to call Arie out or challenge him, making her an awesome choice for the lady handing out the roses.

Plus, there’s another massive plus of Bekah being The Bachelorette — lots of young, hot guys in her cast!

Even if Bekah is passed over, we have a strong feeling she’s not done with this franchise. Might as well stamp her ticket to Paradise now!



Raven 2.0 — ahem, I mean Tia — needs her own show. She’s fun and relatable, and says what all of us are thinking. Essentially, she’s the most normal in a sea of crazies typically appearing on this show.

It’s about time for a Bachelorette from the South. Plus, bringing her final two to meet her family would no doubt end with an epic grill session from her protective brother.



Bibiana may have left the season fairly early, but she left a big impression for calling girls out on taking more than their fair share of hang time with Arie. And we loved her for it.

The girl has already made her second franchise appearance on Winter Games, and it only further proved that we need a full season of her.

Besides, she already has fans from Bachelor Nation starting the campaign.



This girl has it all: beauty and brains. The Yale grad is an epic choice for Bachelorette — we can’t think of one guy who wouldn’t want to date her. Let’s just hope she doesn’t have to deal with guys who don’t have jobs.

Who are you rooting for to be the next leading lady on The Bachelorette?

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