This Kid Is So Upset That His Parents Surprised Him With A Trip To Disneyland

Every little kid’s dream is to go to Disneyland. It is the most magical place on Earth after all. These parents surprised their son and daughter with a trip to Disneyland and their son was not happy that they kept it a secret.

The Colorado parents sneakily packed the car and were prepped to surprise their kids with a trip of a lifetime. The kids hopped in thinking they were headed off to school, but in reality, they were going on a road trip to Disneyland. But then they read the message on the back window that read, “We’re going to Disneyland.”

They were recording their kids’ reactions and when their son read the sign he couldn’t comprehend how they were going to Disneyland and not school.

He starts asking “What?” and “How?” and even after his parents explain to him that his teacher knows he won’t be at school and it’s okay he declares, “No.”

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With his hand covering his mouth, clearly upset, he says, “But we didn’t even talk about this” and jumps out of the car!

You would think that a kid would be excited to skip school and go to Disneyland, but not him. The young boy was so upset that his parents ambushed him, changed his plans and are taking him on a trip.  He was expecting to go to school and all the sudden he’s going out of the state! It’s a little hilarious, dramatic and cute all in one.

Meanwhile, his sister is silently smiling, excited about their visit to see Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

The daughter’s reaction is the exact opposite of her brother’s.

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