A Model Went On A First Date Only Wearing Body Paint & He Didn’t Notice




The model, Joy Jewel, wore body paint to go on a Tinder date. Jen Seidel and her assistant painted skinny jeans and a pink floral top, and it took hours for her date to figure it our that she wasn’t wearing clothes! He even complimented her “outfit.”

After a group of people asked her if she was wearing body-paint that’s when he started questioning it too. Although, it could also be that he was just pretending not to notice or he left his glasses at home.


Jen Siedel, also known as Jen The Body Painter, is the artist behind this. She hires models, draws clothes on them and sends them off to an experiment. Jen sends the body-painted models to public places to see if anyone notices that they have paint on. Then posts their experience on YouTube and Instagram.

The models are sent to the gym.



To the beach.


And shopping.


If this was actually a real date, he turned out to be a good sport. We don’t know if there is going to be a second. But if not, I’m sure their search will continue with a little ease since Tinder is launching a Bumble-like feature, allowing women to message the guys first after they match.

If you have a professional body painter on hand wearing regular clothes on a first date is always a safe bet.

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