Micro-Cheating: 10 Ways You May Be Cheating & You Don’t Even Know It

As if maintaining a relationship isn’t hard enough, having to maintain a happy and monogamous relationship with your partner gets harder and harder, especially with social media. One wrong like an inappropriate DM or an extra flirty comment can literally cause your relationship’s demise.

Cheating is cheating no matter how big or small but with social media temptations and cuffing season coming to an end, micro-cheating’s become a major issue for couples these days.

So what exactly is micro-cheating?

Well to put it plainly, micro-cheating is when you do something that may not appear to be outright infidelity, but it’s considered to be a breach of trust that could lead to actual cheating in the future.

Let’s take a look at these 10 things that are considered micro-cheating.

1. Sending Nude Photos

Sending nude photos of yourself is dangerous enough, sending someone other than your boyfriend naked pictures is a recipe for disaster.

2. Sexting Someone Else

You shouldn’t be sexting someone else other than your boyfriend. Period, point blank.

3. Listing Someone By A Fake Name In Your Contacts

If you’re concealing other guys’ name in your phone as your local pizza joints, that’s a big sign that you shouldn’t be doing it or have their number in the first place. Do yourself a favor and delete it before you find yourself having to explain why Pizza Hut is calling you at 11:30 A.M. on a Saturday morning.

4. Having A Deep Emotional Contact With Someone Else

This is incredibly dangerous, especially if you’re in a relationship with someone. Aside from your closest circle of girlfriends and a few relatives, your partner should be the only other person you share such a deep connection with. If you find that the connection with your bae is fizzling, and your connection with another guy is deepening, that’s a sign of bigger problems within your relationship. Either way, try having a conversation with your boyfriend before you find yourself in way too deep with someone else.

5. Contacting An Ex & Concealing It

If you have to sneak and do it, should you really be doing it? Avoid the bad karma and the urge to reach out.

6. Keeping An Active Dating Profile

Congratulations you are happily in a relationship with someone who is crazy about you. Now that you are officially booed up, some things need to go, like your online dating profile. Keeping your profile open and ACTIVELY continuing to use it misleads others who are trying to build a genuine connection. Besides, you wouldn’t wanna lie to them or get their hopes up for nothing, right? Sometimes too many eggs in your basket will cause them all to break. Don’t sabotage your relationship and don’t be greedy. Deactivate if you’re taken.

7. Lying About Your Relationship Status On Social Media

If you are in a relationship and lie or completely disregard your partner that’s not only misleading but incredibly insulting. We’re not saying your entire profile should be filled with nauseatingly cute photos of you and your beau, or that you even have to post your relationship status but having enough respect not to hide or disregard that you’re in a relationship is the least you can do. If you prefer that people think you are single online, maybe being in a relationship isn’t the best thing for you.

8. Repeatedly Visiting A Profile

Checking in on an ex to see how much cuter you are than his new girlfriend or to wallow in how bad he looks since y’all broke up is fine every once in a blue moon. We all do it, no matter how much we hate to admit it. BUT checking in on your ex’s social media profile more than once in a blue moon is a no-no and can turn into a very, very bad habit. Abort.

9. Liking An Old Social Media Post

We all do it, especially when it’s super late at night and we’re home, bored to tears on a Saturday night. Regardless, liking an old picture of your ex from 32 weeks ago is probably not a good idea. For one, it shows up immediately, and now your ex will know you’re stalking him online and two, it shows that not only do you still care about your ex and like to stalk him in your free time. Avoid sending the wrong message. When you have those urges to scroll through the past, try occupying your mind elsewhere, like say, for example, Pinterest.

10. Contacting An Ex On Social Media

If whatever you have to say to your ex can’t be said publically in the comments or on your wall, you probably shouldn’t be saying it all-especially not in a private message.

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