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Since the Spice Girls broke out on the scene in the late 90s, girls everywhere got a crash course in what it was like to be a woman with Girl Power. For two years the Spice Girls took over the world with their oversized platforms, baby doll dresses and “Women Rule” attitudes. They gave us countless hits in the short span of their world domination despite their abrupt, sudden and surprising break up in 1999.

The band has since come together for a highly anticipated (and successful) reunion tour in 2007, and as of early 2018 there have been talks of another reunion of sorts for the band that “spiced up our life.”

They are the most successful girl group in history but how do each of the Spice Girls measure up regarding financial success amongst one another?

The Spice Girls estimated combined net worth as of 2018 is $463 million.

Here is how each individual Spice Girl makes their money and who makes the most from top to bottom.

1.Victoria Beckham: $300 million


It’s no surprise that Beckham is considerably wealthier than her fellow bandmates. Aside from her fortune from her days as a Spice Girl, Beckham’s mass fortune is primarily due to her incredibly successful fashion company and lifestyle brand of the same name. The renowned fashion designer and businesswoman has dressed countless celebrities in her outfits as well as created and collaborated with various other brands and companies like Estee Lauder and Target. Beckham’s also appeared in five official documentaries about herself and her family with her incredibly sexy husband, David Beckham. She’s also a published author, having written two books. The busy mom of three is the clear breadwinner in her family and amongst her fellow Spice Girls.

2.Melanie Brown: $50 million


The 42-year-old mother of three is doing her best to be a role model to her daughters and showing them how to be boss ladies like their mom. Brown’s personal life hasn’t been nearly as good as her finances, having had very messy and public breakups with former flames, Eddie Murphy and Stephen Belafonte. In spite of that, the former Spice Girl has managed to continue working. Aside from her  Spice Girls earnings and royalties,  after the group split Brown released a few solo albums and made several appearances on television. She appeared as a contestant on Dancing With the Stars in 2007  and turned to television hosting and judging on Australia’s The X Factor and America’s Got Talent.

3.Emma Bunton: $40 million


The 42-year-old mother of two has managed to continue a very active and successful career in the entertainment industry following the group’s split. After the group’s breakup, Bunton released two solo albums with mediocre success. The Spice Girls Reunion tour in 2007 resulted in a decent payoff for each girl including Bunton who took home $20 million. As of late Bunton earns her dollars as a radio and television host.

4.Geri Halliwell: $40 million


The 45-year-old mother of two has been incredibly busy since the group’s breakup in the late 90s. Our hearts truly broke when we learned that Halliwell had gone AWOL on the group mid-world tour, but since then she’s used her time as a solo artist to collect those coins. Immediately after ditching the Spice Girls Halliwell launched her solo career with her solo album Schizophrenic which led her to have three number one singles.  She released two follow up records since then, and after much speculation of whether or not she would join her former bandmates on their reunion tour, she decided to take part in their 2007 tour. Halliwell has also written two books, and in 2007 she signed a six-book deal with Macmillan Children’s Books. She also spent a season as a host of Australia’s Got Talent, like group member Melanie Brown. Since 2015 Halliwell has been married to her longtime boyfriend, Christian Horner. The couple has one child together, and each has a child from a previous relationship.

5. Melanie Chisolm: $33 million


Now formally known as “Sporty Mum,” the 44-year-old mother of one has had the most successful solo career as a singer out of the group since their disbandment in 1998. She released her first solo album in 1999 and has since released five more since selling over 12 million records to date. In January 2015 she added hosting to her resume joining the judge’s panel of Asia’s Got Talent.

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