Women Could Finally Make Just As Much As Men, Under This One Condition

Equal pay has been a huge issue that women face around the world. Whether you’re an A-list celebrity who just signed on to do a major film, or you’re working your way up the corporate ladder, women from all works of life are being short-changed (literally) and not receiving the same amount of money as men.

In December of 2017, long-time E! network correspondent and E! News co-host Catt Sandler abruptly left her job after she found out that her co-host, Jason Kennedy makes more despite them both having the same exact job.

National Equal Pay Day

Greg Perry

In January 2018 news broke that actress Michelle Williams was paid $1,000 for reshoots on their movie, All the Money in the World while her co-star Mark Wahlberg was paid $1.5 million. USA Today reported that Williams was paid an $80 per diem for her work on the reshoots of the film, totaling less than $1,000. Wahlberg, however, negotiated a $1.5 million fee, and when the math was done Williams earned less than one percent of what Wahlberg made.

The gender wage gap is still an ongoing issue, but according to a recent report published by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, women could finally get paid what they are worth if they possess this one thing.

That “thing” that’ll earn you more money is an additional degree. That’s right, according to the report, women have the possibility of being paid as much as men if they possess an additional degree. All we have to do is get our Bachelor’s degree, continue our education (and potentially go into more debt) to get paid what our single-degree holding counter-parts get paid.


According to the report a woman with a Bachelor’s degree earns an average of $61,000 a year which is nearly equivalent to the $59,000 average salary of a man with just an Associate’s degree.

Unfortunately, even if you do wind up getting that extra degree,  you still won’t make quite as much on average as your male counterpart with less education. According to the report even if a woman gets her Master’s degree, she’ll have an average salary of $83,000 while a man with a Bachelor’s will take home an average salary of $87,000.

While we love the idea of getting your degree and think that you should definitely do it if that’s what YOU want, doing it just to get equal pay is far from fair.

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