What Are In These New ‘Supermodel Supplements’?







There isn’t a magic pill that will make all your problems go away, but Lyma, a vitamin supplement, seems to be just that.

Lyma was created by cult fitness trainer Russell Bateman from Skinny Bitch Collective and Lucy Goff. Lyma is a “super supplement” that Bateman’s A-List clientele has been taking for some time now, but now it’s open to the public. It’s already being dubbed as the “supermodel supplement.”


But what is in these copper coated pills? And why is it different than the other Instagram influencer vitamins that clutter our feeds? According to Lyma’s site, the supplement is made up of eight individual ingredients: Lycored Lycopene, Cognizin, KSM-66 Ashwagandha, Wellmune, Hydrocurc, K2Vital, Vitamin D3 and Cynatine HNS.

Unless you’re a nutritionist those ingredients don’t mean anything. Just know that basically, Lyma is a super supplement.

Lyma claims it’s a “beauty booster” and will give you stronger hair, hydrated and smoother skin. It’s also “brain fuel” and will improve your memory and brain energy. The supplement “fights stress” and will lower your cortisol levels, anxiety levels and reduce insomnia. It helps with heart health, increases antibodies so you have a stronger immune system, is an antioxidant, reduces inflammation and helps bone mass.


Yeah, it claims to do it all. Their website says that taking the pill four times a day daily after 90 days will you actually see all the results that Lyma promises.

But does it actually work? Cosmopolitan found that the companies press release credited studies of the individual ingredients and their benefits, so it’s not based on Lyma as a whole just the sum of its parts. So we don’t really know what effect all these ingredients, when taken together, will have.

“Due to the fact we use patented ingredients in the same dosage levels as previous published clinical studies, we are able to use those results,” Bateman said. He also said that the company will be released their own study of Lyma as a whole in a few weeks.

If you still want to give Lyma a shot it’s going to cost a pretty penny. A one month supply of Lyma is £199, which is $272.99 and a monthly subscription with a three-month minimum is £149, which is $204.40 a month.

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