These Tweets Celebrating Women’s History Month Will Make You Proud To Be A Female

March is Women’s History Month and while women should be celebrated every day, since 1987, we have a month dedicated to reflecting on what we’ve accomplished and what’s yet to come. Now more than ever, women have been speaking up and banding together. Amidst rising political and social movements, women are demanding change and are no longer taking no for an answer.

The National Women’s History Project has honored 15 women of all races and ages for their contributions in varying matters, from providing resources for those who were previously incarcerated to improving employees’ working conditions. These women are just a number of those who have paved and are paving the path for others.

Time has reported that this year’s theme is “Nevertheless, she persisted,” which became a feminist slogan last year. Blending new and historic mantras, Twitter clearly agrees as users have been kicking off the first day of the month with quotes said by trailblazers and their opinions on the current social climate.

Users didn’t hold back on what needs to change.

Others commemorated the words of innovators.

The month isn’t just about celebrating the efforts of the women in our lives, but those of women we’re yet to hear about. How are you celebrating Women’s History Month?

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