These Insta-Famous Sisters Are Being Dragged For Their Racist Tweets & Islamophobic Mom

Claudia, Jackie, Margo and Olivia Oshry all run wildly successful Instagram accounts. The most popular is Claudia’s Girl With No Job account. The meme account that steals tweets and posts viral videos has almost three million followers. The second most popular is Jackie’s Jackie O Problems Instagram with nearly 100 thousand followers.

Margo has a food Instagram account, and Olivia is the manager and oversee’s Claudia and Jackie’s morning show The Morning Breath that is aired under Oath.

Everything was a millennial dream for these four sister’s until the Daily Beast broke a story revealing that their mother is Pamela Geller a racist Islamophobic Trump supporter. The Daily Beast noted that even though the Oshry sisters are constantly retweeting and supporting each other, they never include their mom in any of their family social media posts. It’s near impossible to link the sisters to their hate-mongering mom before their story.


“Pamela Geller has built a career off leveraging the media to incite outrage with her racist, Islamophobic comments,” Taylor Lorenz wrote for the Daily Mail. “She is widely regarded as an alt-right troll; the Southern Poverty Law Center described her rhetoric as ‘hate speech.'”

They noted that in 2013 Geller was banned from entering England because the government found her presence would “not be conducive to the public good.”

The Oshry sisters have gone to great lengths to hide who their mom was. When Claudia got married in September 2017, no photos of Geller were in her The Knot feature. BuzzFeed even found out that when she shared the wedding invites she hid her name which is Claudia Geller.

BuzzFeed BuzzFeed

They went to great lengths to conceal who their mom was but only now, after the world found out who their mom is, are they denouncing her racism.

But the sisters have their own racist tweets proving maybe that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Most of the tweets have now been deleted.

Jackie deleted a tweet that read, “Hi @POTUS, Can you reimburse me for all the cabs I’m taking bc your piece shit of plan to defeat ISIS makes me scared to take the subway? Ty.”

Jackie was even dubbed JaKKKie during the election because she would frequently rant about Obama on her Snapchat. Margo has posted a photo of herself wearing a MAGA hat, and Jackie has given the Jackie O Problems stamp of approval to Melania Trump.

Since the Daily Beasts article, the sisters have deleted many of their old tweets and Instagram posts. Olivia made her account private, and so did their mom. Oath has also canceled Claudia and Jackie’s morning show The Morning Breath. Claudia and Jackie have both posted apologies on the Instagram. 

Claudia posted a teary-eyed video of herself apologizing for old tweets of hers that have resurfaced. “I’m not racist. I can’t believe I have to say that,” she stated.

Jackie posted a screenshot of words on her Instagram. “That is not a reflection of who I am as a person today and I’m truly sorry to every I’ve offended and let down.

Most people don’t follow the girls for their political views, so fans have been torn on if they should unfollow the sisters. But clearly, they have been keeping their mom a secret for a reason. The Daily Beast points out that they frequently hang out with their mom and despite not being racists still seem to be chill with her views. Even their apologies were about their past racist tweets and not about their mom.

Yes, they are their own person from their mom, but if they aren’t racists and entirely denounce racism, then it’s hard to fathom why they would still be on speaking terms with their mom.

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