This ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Just Got Super Real About Her ‘Flawless’ Skin

The Bachelor contestants are almost always thin, conventionally attractive women with blemish-free skin, glossy curls, and TV-ready features capable of sending those of us watching into a spiral of self-loathing. Fortunately, one competitor from Arie Ludendyk Jr.’s season is speaking out about how real those superficial attributes really are.

Bekah Martinez took to Instagram this weekend to dispel the widely-held myth that she has perfect skin.

“When people tell me my skin is ‘flawless’ but I’m wearing three different foundations,” she wrote on Instagram Stories, accompanied by a makeup-free selfie. She then went on to post another video explaining that she is taking a food sensitivity test “in the mail” to “get to the root of the problem with my skin.”

“At the end of the day, there’s always makeup,” she concluded in another video, this time in full make-up.

Her words are refreshing, especially on Oscar Sunday, an evening of immaculately-dressed, hyper-thin celebrities with delicately coiffed updos and professionally-done makeup.

Though we can’t help echoing one Instagram commenter: “Wait what foundation do you use?”

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