‘The Bachelor’ Ladies Brutally Roasted Krystal Nielson On Last Night’s Episode







This season of The Bachelor has been awfully boring, the only person who has been entertaining was Krystal Nielson. Yes, she was this season’s villain and thank goodness. I’m not a Krystal fan by any means, but there is no denying that her crazy antics semi-revived a rather boring lackluster season.

During the “Women Tell All” episode contestants Olivia Goethals, Caroline Lunny and just about everyone else roasted Krystal for her dramatic antics in the house.

Olivia Goethals confronted Krystal and claimed that he voice is fake and wondered why she used such a soft baby voice on the show. Even Jimmy Kimmel dubbed her as having the most annoying voice in Bachelor history.


Krystal, of course, had an excuse and claimed she had vocal strain during filming which is why he voice was different.

To make matters even messier they showed an unaired clip of Krystal after the bowling date incident. In the video, she cusses out everyone on the show including the bachelor Arie Luyendyk. “Did I mention my life is amazing and awesome?” Krystal said to herself. “And it’s all on hold for what? Some needle d**k? I’m sorry, I date men. Not little fancy-pants.”

During her bathroom bowling meltdown, she also called all the women on the show c***s. She thought her mic was off the entire time.

After that footage aired Caroline called Krystal a “sociopath” and cussed her out about her treatment towards the other women on the show. “I was right [about you] the whole damn time. You are so mean,” said Caroline. “You called these women c***s. How dare you use that word about these people? Because I love and respect all of these women, and that is a disgusting word.”


Bibiana Julian chimed in and said that Krystal has a “high school mentality” insinuating she has a mean girl immature behavior.

Krystal shed a few tears, talked about her homeless brother and ultimately decided she wish she made a few friends.

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