Celebrities Will Be Donning Orange Pins At The Oscars For An Important Reason

Red carpet hosts will have ample opportunity to ask celebrities about more than their carefully-selected designer ensembles this year. According to People, a number of Academy Award 2018 attendees are planning to pair a small orange American flag pin with their couture in an effort to spark a greater national conversation about gun violence.

This isn’t the first time award shows have served as an opportunity to address social and political issues. This year especially, celebrities have leapt at the chance to stand in solidarity with movements, dressing in all-black at the Golden Globes and holding white roses at the Grammy’s to support #TimesUp.

Gun control has been launched back into the national conversation this month after 17 students were killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. The Parkland students have risen up with remarkable force to demand policy changes, and much of the country (three-quarters of those polled, according to NPR) supports stricter gun laws. Gun control is still seen as a largely partisan issue, but celebrities standing up in protest — silent or otherwise — can only help the cause.

We don’t yet know how many celebrities will be donning the pins, but given the outpouring of calls for action on social media following the Parkland shooting, it could be in the hundreds.


The orange pins in question are available on Everytown’s website, though they are currently out of stock.



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