6 Delicious Vegan Recipes That Are Beyonce Approved

Beyonce has officially declared that it’s vegan time. The singer posted on Instagram that she was going vegan leading up to Coachella, where she’ll be headlining.


If I just went vegan out of the blue I would just be eating lots of pasta. But luckily Beyonce uses this meal planning service, 22 Days Nutrition. It’s 44 days until Coachella which is the perfect amount of time for Bey to complete her vegan diet twice over.

This isn’t the first time Bey has used 22 Days or has gone vegan. She and Jay-Z went vegan for 22 days on the service in December 2013. The 22 Days Nutrition was created by the couple’s life coach and trainer Marco Borges. They’re also partners in the business.

Bey and Jay aren’t the only famous people to do the 22 Day Vegan diet, Jennifer Lopez is also a big fan.

To eat like Bey and Jay for 22 days isn’t cheap. It’s roughly $600 for the full 22 days and if you’re trying to keep up with Bey doing that twice over is a pretty penny.


But just cause you don’t have a spare $1,200 laying around to spend on a vegan food service like Bey doesn’t mean you can’t eat like her. You just won’t have the convenience of just picking out your meals and having those groceries delivered to your door.

Sorry, you’re not wealthy af and can’t pay someone to do that for you. But you can still eat like vegan Bey with these 6 Beyonce approved vegan meals.

Avocado Toast


Simple and favorite among millennials and Beyonce. She shared a pic of her avo toast announcing her veganism. You don’t have to cut your avocado’s all fancy like Bey a simple mash will do, but top off your toast with some shaved red peppers and make sure your toast is a whole grain vegan kind.

Thin Crust Vegan Pizza


A diet that includes pizza, we must be dreaming. But Borges said that Bey and Jay love his vegan pizza recipe from his The 22-Day Revolution book. You make the crust out of mostly brown rice flour and your own melty vegan cheese.

22 Day Protein Bars


Being vegan and on the go is not easy. Luckily 22 Days Nutrition has their own line of vegan and paleo protein bars. You can buy them from their site or at Target, literally so convenient.

Vegan Tacos


You don’t have to miss a taco Tuesday just because you’re vegan. Borges shared his delicious vegan taco recipe and to be honest the amount of guac that are on these tacos won’t have you missing meat.

Vegan Sushi


Sushi isn’t that hard to make vegan, but you can’t guarantee store bought is vegan free. They may use the same appliances to craft non-vegan sushi as vegan sushi. To play it safe make your own sushi with this Beyonce approved recipe.

Cinnamon Apple Bread


I swear this bread is vegan and bonus it’s gluten-free. The recipe uses applesauce, almond milk and fresh apples to give it natural sweetness and moisture. The recipe also teaches you to make your own gluten-free flour.

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