Squad Goals: These Are The 10 Types Of Friends You Need In Your Life

Having a solid group of girlfriends in your circle can feel like hitting the lottery. In a world full of people spreading nothing but “Fake Love” (*cue Drake voice), having a solid group of gals that you know you can count on in your time of need is priceless. The great thing about having a group of friends in your circle is that they all bring something totally different to the table and all mean something different to you. There are some friends you can call on when you’re having a meltdown in the middle of the frozen food section of the supermarket following a nasty breakup, the friend you can party with until 3 a.m. Every.Single.Weekend. Or maybe you have a friend where your entire relationship is based on seeing who can make the other person laugh more using ridiculously funny memes.

Sometimes we luck out, and all our friends can not only co-exist with one another, but they all get along. However, that may not always be the case (unless you’re in a sorority of some sort), and you may have to chill with each friend separately.



Whatever the case may be, being able to count on this bomb ass group of women at any time is a precious gift meant for treasuring(especially around Galentine’s Day).

If you have these 10 kinds of girlfriends within your circle, consider yourself one lucky lady.

1. The Health Nut

This friend may annoy you to death with their constant need to tell you that your eating habits are shitty, your diet is terrible, and you need to hit the gym with her but she really means well and just wants you to be and feel your best.

2. The Friend Who’s NEVER Home

This friend is never home and always seems to be out and about or dragging you along for the ride as she navigates her busy ass life. She may always appear to be busy, but she will drop everything to be by your side if need be.

3.The Far Away Friend

She may be across the country, but that doesn’t put a damper on your friendship in the least bit because you always keep in contact via lengthy hour-long phone convos or weekly FaceTime dates. Because she lives across the country, she’s also the default for when you need a quick getaway destination or vacay.

4.The Childhood Friend

She knows all about your first crush, first kiss and that awful awkward phase you went through in Junior High. She’s one of your oldest friends which therefore means she’s one of the few people in the world who know you and understand you the best.

5. The Friend Who’s Practically Your Twin

You both could practically pass for twins considering all the things you have in common(minus your tastes in men).

6.The Friend Who Knows EVERYTHING

This friend knows all your secrets because she’s the one you can run to and share your innermost thoughts, secrets or when you just need a good ‘ol cry. She’s patient and kind and has practically been a diary for all your private thoughts.

7.The Adventurous Friend

This friend will go to the ends of the earth for you…or with you(hello, Thelma & Louise).

8. The Emergency Contact

National Best Friend Day

You can call on this friend if it were a life or death situation or you were in the middle of a mental breakdown and she’d be there quick, fast & in a hurry.

9. The Work Bestie

You’ve bonded over your hatred for that one co-worker who gets on your last nerves, have weekly chats with about what happened on “The Bachelor,” and you both look forward to your lunch break with one another.

10.The Friend Who Is Also Family

Whether it’s a close cousin or a sister, having a friend within your family is great, especially during those awkward and embarrassing family functions and around holidays.

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