Best Twitter Reactions To Part One Of The Bachelor’s Finale 2018

On March 5th, the three-hour finale of The Bachelor aired and in case you didn’t see it, they filmed the first completely unedited scene in reality TV. You would think that a romantic show would end things on a happy note, but that was not the case.

It was a night of indecisiveness as Arie broke hearts like no other. Lauren seemed to be the top choice for Arie after meeting his family, who all seemed to really like Lauren since they kept mentioning her when they, later on, met Becca. Talk about awkward. The Competition for Arie’s heart was definitely tight since he did tell both ladies he loved them before.

Even though his family seemed to prefer Lauren, Arie ends up sending her home and later on proposes to Becca. Usually a wedding and a happy ever after comes next, instead, Arie decides to call off the engagement to Becca so he can “give it a shot” with Lauren after he had already sent her home. yikes.

Definitely not the ending that fans were expecting. Becca probably was getting ready to plan her future with her now fiancé, and this happens. Many people are reacting especially because they showed the breakup on television instead of editing it out, and just showing him picking Lauren. Viewers now have a different more negative look on Arie and his persona.

This finale left fans so surprised that they immediately took to Twitter their anger and shock with Arie. Some even decided to edit his Wikipedia page and change his middle name on it to “the dirty rotten snake”. Even celebrities posted their own thoughts on the part 1 finale, such as married couple Donnie and Jenny Wahlberg.

Here are some top Twitter reactions to The Bachelor.

summary of tonight if anyone missed it #TheBachelor #TheBachelorFinale

— kayla wyatt (@kaylanwyatt) March 6, 2018

Arie: I'm going to dump Becca for Lauren and I want you to film it.
Producers: I LOVE THAT.#TheBachelorFinale

— Mel 🐝 (@melgotserved) March 6, 2018

ARIE: "The more I hung out with you the more I was losing the possibility of reconciling things with Lauren." ARIE YOU WERE ENGAGED TO BECCA. ENGAGED. ENGAGED. #TheBachelor

— Lauren Zima (@laurenzima) March 6, 2018

I returned a laptop power cord to Best Buy today because it didn’t work and I got a more sincere apology than Becca got from Arie #TheBachelor #TheBachelorFinale

— Ali Shaikh (@ialiseo) March 6, 2018

Me when Arie is just sitting there after Becca tells him to leave #TheBachelorFinale #thebachelor

— JJBeats (@jjbeats_) March 6, 2018

Even the SUV driver wants nothing to do with Arie. #TheBachelorFinale

— Kristen Baldwin (@KristenGBaldwin) March 6, 2018

Last night, Arie from #TheBachelor had a few additions to his wikipedia page. (They've since been 'corrected')

— Hawkeye KSCS DJ (@HawkeyeOnAir) March 6, 2018

Our WTF faces watching #thebachelorfinale

— Jenny McC-Wahlberg (@JennyMcCarthy) March 6, 2018

She is dying and he looks like he’s just wondering if now is an OK time to check his Apple Watch

— Amy Odell (@amyodell) March 6, 2018

Watch the second part of the finale, “After The Final Rose” on March 6th at 8 P.M. EST on ABC.

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