Michael B. Jordan Is Tweeting At The Girl Who Broke Her Retainer While Watching Him In ‘Black Panther’







Black Panther is a fantastic movie that is breaking box office records. But another reason why the movie is so great is the cast. Seriously, the Black Panther cast may be the hottest film cast ever.

It was hard to hate Killmonger, Michael B. Jordan‘s character, because of how hot he is.

Michael B Jordan Black Panther

He’s so hot that he actually broke a girl’s retainer. A Tumblr post turned viral on Twitter explaining what went down. This orthodontist exposed one of his patients commenting on a photo set of Jordan. One of his patients had to come in for an “emergency visit, because she snapped the wire on her retainer watching [Black Panther],” he wrote.

He went on to say that when Jordan took his shirt off in the movie she “clenched her teeth so f***ing shard she snapping it. That is so the f***ing funniest shit ever to me this tiny 17-year-old girl thirsting so goddamn hard she busted steel.”

The tweet went viral, so viral that the girl, Sophia who broke her retainer saw it. She quote tweeted the viral tweet and was shocked her orthodontist exposed her like this and that he has a Tumblr.

This story alone is amazing, but to make it even better Jordan actually responded to Sophia. Michael said he would replace her retainer because he feels responsible for breaking them.

Now the two are DMing about broken retainers have to be one subject and who knows what else.

Bless retainer girl, Jordan and of course the internet.

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