Women Are Not Happy With How McDonald’s Is Celebrating International Women’s Day


International Women’s Day is a day dedicated to celebrating women! Corporations are joining in on the festivities and the latest is McDonald’s, who is celebrating in a rather strange way. McDonald’s is flipping their iconic golden arches upside down so it will be a W for women.

The W golden arches are to represent and thank all the women that work for McDonald’s and celebrate women. “In the U.S., we’re proud to share that 6 out of 10 restaurant managers are women. They run the McDonald’s business each and every day. So, in honor of women everywhere, we’re flipping our iconic logo for International Women’s Day,” their press release reads.

BuzzFeed reports that only one location has the flipped golden arches, but at 100 women ran locations all the logos on their products will be flipped.

When brands try to capitalize on women’s issues and feminism it definitely backfires because it’s not helping real change. Most critics pointed out that instead of flipping their arches McDonald’s could actually pay women more than minimum wage, maybe even a livable wage.

Flipping their arches doesn’t “do” anything for women. It’s just a performative act. They aren’t the first brand to do a performative act to show their support of women or try to market to women’s issues. Doritos’ is making Lady Doritos because women need their own chips, but really what we need is equal pay. Reba McEntire was the first female Colonel Sanders for KFC, which is great, but what we really need is workplace sexism and harassment to go away.

Women never felt underrepresented because the McDonald’s arches were an M and not a W. It’s funny to see companies try and cater to women and fail almost every time.

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