Here Are 10 Of Kristen Wiig’s Most Stylish Moments

Kristen Wiig may be known to all of us for her superb comedic timing, her incredibly piercing blue eyes, and her beachy blonde hair. She’s given us countless laughs through her writing, acting and her comedic nature using her specialties of satire, improvisational comedy, and sketch comedy. The Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated actress has proven herself a true force to be reckoned with through her work on Saturday Night Live, Despicable Me, and everyone’s favorite modern-day chick flick, Bridesmaids.


Wiig’s resume speaks for itself and with her completely slaying both the small screen and the big screen, over the years Wiig has managed to slay a red carpet or two along the way.

Marching to her own beat and never one to follow what’s trending, Wiig’s most favorable red carpet moments feature Wiig striking a pose, being sure to exude confidence and show off her icy blue eyes and blonde hair.

Wiig’s looks have evolved and changed over time with her at one point dying her hair a strikingly dark chocolate shade that further accentuated her gorgeous facial features. In the end, Wiig returned to her (blonde) roots and has been rocking her blonde hair since.

As for her style, Wiig has shown that she can pretty much pull off anything, whether it’s a baseball tee and jeans, an oversized pants suit (and a pixie cut), an oversized sweater and heels or those fabulously chic red carpet gowns she wears that show off her sleek and modelesque frame. The 44-year-old continues to approach fashion similarly to how she approaches her career-fun yet serious.

Wiig is set to star as Cheetah in the superhero film Wonder Woman 2 and we can’t wait to see what Wiig’s next fashion moment will be next. In the meantime, take a look at these 10 style moments where Wiig complete served and slayed.

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